10 Reasons to Pursue Event Planner Career in Lucknow 2023

Have you finished your 12th? If yes, try to make your career in event management as an event planner. But I don’t know how to start a career in event management. Then you are at the right blog, where you will get 10 reasons to pursue an event planning career in lucknow right now.

Most of the students do not want to make a career in engineering or medicine. They are trying to make a career in interest based. One of the careers that are completely interest-based is event planning. This industry is not known to everyone. Even if you are searching on Google, you will only get the name of the event planning company, not how you want to make a career out of it. Here is a deep research-based article for you that will clear your mind about making a career in an event management company in lucknow.

10 Reasons to Pursue Event Planner Career  

  1. Explore New things in event management 
  2. The Demand of event planners in Lucknow is increasing day by day.
  3. Event management makes you strong in project skill development.
  4. Earning potential is beyond your thinking.
  5. Less theory more experience
  6. Working opportunity with professional in any industry
  7. Event management companies work with several industries.
  8. Event management is Skill and interest based industry.
  9. Work that will blow your mind.
  10. According to a survey , lucknow is the second largest city in event management.

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**Just Think About the management of the big weddings and the earning potential.**

What is an event planner ?

How to persue career in event management

An event planner is a professional who is responsible for organising and coordinating various events such as weddings , corporate events and other gatherings. They work with the client on every aspect of the event. Event planners often have strong project management skills , and ability to work under pressure with tight deadlines. Their goal is to ensure that events run smoothly and meet the client’s  objective while also providing a memorable experience for attendees.

How Does an Event Planning Company Work ?

How Does an Event Planning Company Work ?

Event Planning is a complex process that requires careful coordination and execution to ensure successful execution. The event planning company works by offering several services such as wedding , Industrial Events , Launch events , Corporate events etc. These are the points that show how an event planning company works and steps involve planning and execution of an event.

Understand the Client Requirement 

The first step involves understanding the client requirement  including the type of event, the number of guests, the budget, and the objective of the event. The event planning company works with the client to identify their needs and preferences.

Developing A plan 

Based on the client requirement , the event planning company develops a plan for the outline for the timeline such as venue , budget etc. The event planning company closely works with clients to finalise the plan.

Venue Selection

The Event Planning company helps the client to select a suitable venue based on their requirement . The company considers factors such as location, accessibility, amenities, and ambiance to choose the best venue for the event.   

Vendor Selection 

The event planning company works with several vendors such as caterers, decorators, photographers, and entertainers to provide necessary service for the events. The company selects the vendor based on quality of service , experience, cost. They will ensure everything is delivered as per plan.


On the day of the event , the event planning company manages and supervises all the aspects of the events from setting up the venue to coordination. They will ensure everything runs smoothly and make it memorable for the guest.

What are the limitations of an event planning company ?

Event planning company is expert in project skill management. Here are some limitations of an event management company that are totally in control.

Budget Contrast 

Every Event planning company works within the budget provided by the client. If the budget is low , the company may not provide the services that the client expected.

Weather Condition 

Outdoor events may be affected by the weather conditions such as rain, wind etc.

Unforeseen Circumstances 

Last minute changes or cancellation can affect the event planning process. These may not be able to control all external factors.

How to become an event planner in India ?

Becoming an event planner can be an exciting and rewarded career choice. There are several steps you can take to become a successful event planner. Here we are going to tell the two main keynote steps that are important in event management.

First you need to develop organisational and communication skills. Event planning requires a great deal of attention to details and ability to work under pressure. You must also communicate effectively with the client , vendors and other professionals.

Second, gain some experience by volunteering or interning with an event planning company. This will give you an opportunity to learn about the industry and develop your skills. It will also help you make connections with people in the industry. Lastly it is crucial to make connections with vendors and other professionals. Attend industry events and join professional organisations. and create a portfolio of your work to showcase your skills and expertise. If you need help starting your career as an event planner, HBN Events Pvt Ltd , a leading Event Management company in lucknow , can provide you with the necessary training and support to succeed in the industry.

Why choose event management as a career ?

There are many reasons why you choose event management as a career. First it can be a highly creative and exciting field to work in. You will have the opportunity to plan events that leave a long lasting impression on people. Whether it’s  a wedding , corporate events , or a music festival. Every event is unique and presents a new overcome.

Secondly , Event management can be a lucrative career. As you gain experience and build your reputation in the industry, you can earn a substantial income. Event planner is in high demand especially in lucknow. There are many opportunities to work with high profile clients.

Last but not least , event management is a field that allows you to work with a wide variety of people from different backgrounds and industries. You will get a chance to work with highly professional people. This can be a highly rewarding experience and can help you develop your interpersonal skills.

Overall , Event management can be an excellent career opportunity for those who are passionate about creativity ,and making memorable experiences.

How to pursue event management after 12th ?

Now you have a clear mind set and decided to make a career in event management . We are going to tell you how to pursue event management after 12th

First , You need to enrol in a bachelor degree program in event management or related fields such as tourism , business management etc. These programs will help you to get foundation knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the industry. 

Otherwise , you can consider pursuing a diploma or certificate course in event management. These courses are often shorter than bachelor degree programs and provide you with more specialised training in the field. They can also be a good option if you want to start your career in event management quickly.

Another way to gain experience in an event management company is by volunteering or interning with an event planning company. This will allow you to gain practical knowledge and experience in event planning. You can also build a network with the professionals in the industry. Which can be beneficial when it comes to finding job opportunities. 

These points help you to pursue event management after 12th. If you are looking for an event management Job in lucknow you can apply by clicking Contact us.

Is event management a good career option in India ?

Yes , Event management can be a great career option in India, especially in lucknow. With a growing economy and rich culture , Lucknow offers many opportunities for event planners to plan and execute a wide variety of events. From weddings and corporate events to festivals and sporting events, there is a high demand for skilled event planners in Lucknow.

Moreover , the event management industry in India is projected to continue growing in the coming year. offering many job opportunities for those who want to pursue a career in this field. With increasing importance and brand promotion turning to event planners to create memorable experiences for their audiences.

What are the career opportunities in event management

There are many career opportunities in the event management industry. Here are some common roles in event management.

Event Planner 

Event planner is responsible for all aspects of an event from planning to execution. They work closely with the client to understand the need and vision.

Event coordinator

An event coordinate is responsible for all aspects of an event such as logistics , vendors , transportation etc. They work closely with the event planner to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Event manager 

An Event manager is responsible for managing the team of an event, planning and coordinators. They oversee the planning and execution of multiple events.

Venue Manager 

A venue manager is responsible for managing venues such as hotels and conference halls. They work closely with event planners to ensure that the venue meets the client’s needs and that everything runs smoothly. 

Wedding Planner 

A wedding planner is a type of event planner who specialises in planning weddings.  They work closely with couples to create a plan for their wedding day and then oversee the execution of that plan.

Interview Question with Answer for event management company 

Here are the interview questions with answers for the event management company. These are the top picked questions from thousands of questions asked in the interview. 

Qus 1. What inspires you to pursue a career in event management ?

Ans . I have always had a passion for planning and organising events , and the ability to bring people together for a memorable experience is what inspired me to pursue a career in event management.

Qus.2 Can you tell us about a time when you had to solve a problem on the spot during an event?

Ans. During a previous event, we experienced a sudden power outage. I quickly contacted the venue staff and worked with our team to come up with a backup plan. We were able to switch to a generator and ensure the event continued without interruption.

Qus.3 How do you prioritise and manage your workload when planning multiple events at the same time?

Ans. I prioritise and manage my workload by creating a detailed timeline and task list for each event, prioritising tasks based on their deadlines and level of importance.

Qus.4 How do you handle difficult clients or vendors during the planning process?

Ans. When dealing with difficult clients or vendors, I remain calm and professional while actively listening to their concerns. I work to find a solution that meets their needs while still achieving our goals.

Qus.5 Can you walk us through your process for planning an event from start to finish?

Ans. My process for planning an event starts with identifying the goals and objectives of the event, creating a budget, selecting a venue, and coordinating all aspects of the event such as catering, entertainment, and logistics.

Qus.6 How do you stay up-to-date on industry trends and best practices in event management?

Ans. I stay up-to-date on industry trends and best practices by attending conferences and networking with other event professionals. I also regularly research and read industry publications.

Qus.7 How do you collaborate with other team members, such as event coordinators or vendors, to ensure a successful event?

Ans. Collaboration is key in event management. I work closely with event coordinators and vendors, maintaining open communication and fostering positive working relationships to ensure the event is successful.

Qus.8 Can you tell us about a particularly challenging event you planned and how you overcame obstacles during the planning process?

Ans. A particularly challenging event I planned was a large-scale outdoor festival that experienced extreme weather conditions. We quickly adapted our plans and worked with vendors to ensure the safety of attendees while still delivering a successful event.

Qus.9 How do you manage budgets for events and ensure that expenses stay within budget?

Ans. I manage budgets for events by tracking expenses closely and negotiating with vendors to ensure we stay within budget. I also regularly update the client and team on budget status to maintain transparency.

Qus.10 Can you provide an example of a successful event you planned and how you measured its success?

Ans. One successful event I planned was a fundraising gala that raised a record-breaking amount of money for the organisation. We measured success through attendee feedback, fundraising results, and media coverage.

Final Word 

Making a career in event planning is entertaining and a new experience. It is an interest based industry. In this industry you will learn new things and work with professionals. If you want to make a career in event planning you can read the article and get all the details.

Frequently Asked Question 

Qus1. How to pursue a career in event management ?

Ans. To pursue a career in event management , you will need to enrol in any management course or program after that work with an event company to get experience.

Qus 2. How to get an internship in an event management company ?

Ans . To get an internship in an event management company use internshala or other platforms for applying. After getting selected you will get the internship.

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